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" "With passion, remarkable visual clarity, and vivid effect, Sky and Olya turns photos, images and graphics into unforgettable masterpieces. The pictures they took painted a wonderful portrait of a newly formed political party (People's Democratic Party) and its rise to power. Through the use of discipline, timeliness and professionalism, they captured strategic moments that contributed significantly our recent landslide victory. Informal and official photos of Premier Donaldson Romeo of Montserrat are part of that island's rich leadership legacy. Their work will last a lifetime!". "
Dr. Isaac Newton, President of Paramount Communications NYC

" "Unicorn Productions gave me a strong brand through fantastic photos which are comparable to none that I have taken in my political career. Olya and Sky had unquestionably high standards which were exhibited at all times. Sky and Olya were a fantastic team of support and success in my political campaign and my new Governmental position would not have been as attainable without their photos and commitment to the work. I strongly recommend unicorn productions." "
The Hon. Gregory Willock, Politician of Sports, Montserrat

""Simply put, Unicorn Productions would have to be one of the top 3 photography services in Los Angeles. Both Sky and Olyias photography skills are up there with the best in Hollywood. Personally, I feel they should be charging a lot more for the quality they produce and the outstanding customer service they provide. Unlike other over priced photographers I have used in the past, Unicorn productions takes the time to work on producing photos that are uniquley you! 5 stars all the way!""
Duncan P, Hollywood Actor & Film Maker

""Unicorn productions are an amazing team with a refreshing outlook. They made me feel comfortable and at ease in preparation for the shoot and helped me to identify my strengths in order to get the best quality shots. They have a large array of back drops and locations to use which guarantees variety and produce images that are certainly a cut above the rest. Customer service through out and in post was spot on, they are always happy to go the extra mile which in this day and age is hard to find! I will be back for more Unicorn-Thank you!""
Nick, Hollywood Actor and Writer

""Sky and Olya are a great team! They're so talented and care a LOT about their subjects. I felt really welcomed and comfortable in my first shoot and I loved the shots so much I returned for a second photo shoot! Highly recommend Unicorn Productions. No where in LA will you get as good a price for the highest quality!""
Bella Stephenson, Hollywood Actress, Primary Wave/ICM

""I had a great experience! I got great pictures from them that I can you in my portfolio. Very nice and professional people! Totally recommend them for Corporates!""
Elena, Hollywood Lawyer

""I hired Unicorn Productions to do a photo shoot for my business. They did an excellent job. I loved the quality, hard work and creativity they brought to the table. I am a customer for life. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks guys for the great work.""
Justin K, Promoter, Los Angeles

""Sky and Olya with Unicorn productions did a wonderful job on a recent photo shoot. They both compliment each other and have a wonderful eye and understanding of what the client is seeking and a unique understanding of the complexities of lighting and technology. Both are very easy to work with..""
Martin, Actor & Wrier, Los Angeles

""Olya and Sky, of Unicorn Productions, L.A., make a brilliant team; and they have a beautiful creative synergy in their possession! Their formidable talents arise from their own personal experience in front of and behind the camera lens; as professional photographers, models, and actors.. This, in turn, gives them a truly nuanced and intimate understanding of the aesthetics of Film, TV, Print, and Digital Media - used by the Entertainment Industry today; in the ever-changing 21st Century.. Their combined creative vision in digital media, design, and photography, has expanded my knowledge of aesthetics; and as a result of their seasoned collaboration and artistic direction, I have been able to consistently acquire more parts as a professional working actor, here in Los Angeles, California. As a matter of fact, we have already planned to shoot again very soon in the near future! Unicorns are golden!""
Jason Bud, Actor and Writer, Los Angeles

""I recently did a headshot photoshoot with Unicorn Productions and am extremely impressed by their professionalism and quality of work. I was completely blown away when they sent me my final images! Sky and Olya operate together as a high spirited, upbeat team. While one is shooting, the other is closely watching on the monitor to ensure that the lighting and framing is perfect. Sky's experience as an expert model reflects in his direction. He gave me insight and instruction on my posing during the shoot. This unique application of his professional modeling skills differentiates him from other photographers. I can confidently say that Sky and Olya brought out the best in me. There's a lot of pressure on any person standing in front of the camera, and these two easily alleviated that factor and made me feel entirely comfortable. They even cracked a few jokes to make me laugh! The wide-smile shot that resulted from their joke is now being used for my commercial profile. Photography is more than just shooting and editing, and Unicorn Productions further proved that to me.""
George Khouri, Actor, Host and Writer, Los Angeles